true1 [ tru ] adjective ***
▸ 1 based on fact
▸ 2 real/actual
▸ 3 with right qualities
▸ 4 always loyal
▸ 5 straight/upright/level
1. ) based on facts or things that really happen, and not made up:
The film is based on a true story.
They used to guarantee housing for all workers, but that's no longer true.
be/hold true (for someone/something): The students are excited and the same holds true for their teachers.
true of something/someone: It rains a lot on the west coast, and that seems especially true of Vancouver.
a ) used for admitting that something is true, although you think that something else is also true and is more important:
Well, true, he is rich, but is he happy?
True, I guess I've never thought about it like that.
it's true (that): It's true that my car cost a lot, but it's a good investment.
that may/might be true, but: They say they are spending record amounts on public education. Well, that may be true, but there are still shortages of teachers.
─ opposite FALSE
2. ) only before noun real or actual, especially when compared with how something seems to be:
Lara never shows her true feelings.
The study shows that the true cost of nuclear energy is much higher than most people think.
3. ) only before noun a true friend, leader, etc. or true love, happiness, etc. has the qualities that you would expect that type of person or thing to have: GENUINE:
Lynn has always been a true friend to me.
Curry was a true champion in every sense.
Nelson has a true passion for literature.
4. ) never before noun true to if you are true to someone or something, you continue to be loyal to them or support them despite anything that happens:
I will always be true to you.
remain/stay true (to someone/something): Through the years, Doug remained true to his family.
5. ) never before noun TECHNICAL completely straight, upright, or level
someone's aim is true LITERARY
if someone's aim is true, they can throw or shoot something so that it goes exactly where they want it to go
(all/only) too true
used for saying that something is true when you wish that it was not:
Sadly the rumor is all too true.
come true
if a wish, dream, fear, etc. comes true, it really happens:
A small donation can help make a child's wish come true.
(like) a dream come true (=be exactly what you have always wanted): Meeting Joe was like a dream come true.
someone never said a truer word
used for saying that you agree completely with what someone has just said
(there's) many a true word spoken in jest
used for saying that what someone says as a joke may in fact be correct or accurate
someone's true colors
someone's real personality, especially when it has unpleasant or bad qualities:
He didn't show his true colors until they made him chairman.
true to form/type
used for saying that someone is doing exactly what you expected because this is what they usually do:
True to form, Tony asked to borrow some more money.
true to life
if a story, movie, book, etc. is true to life, it is similar to what really happens in people's lives:
The characters in this novel are so true to life.
true to your word/promise
to do exactly what you said you would do:
True to his promise, Brian called me the next day.
true 2 [ tru ] adverb LITERARY
in a completely straight line toward the intended place
ring true
appear to be true:
Her story just didn't ring true.
speak true LITERARY
to say what is true

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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